I believe that true, enduring beauty serves a higher purpose, a purpose beyond that of our vessel. At the heart, true beauty honours our Creator.  A glorious tribute. 

It illuminates a being within us, our soul.  It recognizes our body and only acts to respect it, exalt it, protect it, dignify it. 

This type of beauty does not seek attention.  It serves to appreciate a superior existence, The Maker, The Creator, God.  This to us is supreme, everlasting beauty.

So who am I, Aniqa, in act of service to?  Is it my vessel?  It is my desire for validation?  Is my purpose really confined to this world? Or does my existence merge with a much higher ambition?

This series of garments is an ode to Amān.  A ‘refuge’ for women.  A sanctuary that we are exploring through textiles.

This is an Amān I have built for my mother and a haven I hope to build for each woman.